“Your average church-goer will give you 54 hours of their attention annually. Your worship leader will get roughly 18-27 of those hours. Your worship leader sounds like a wise place to invest, doesn’t it?”


What is coaching?

Coaching is a one-on-one relationship of intentional investment that helps people indentify and accomplish their personal and ministry goals faster than they could on their own.  If you want to grow as a leader, quality coaching is key.  Through conversations in person or on Skype, I can assess, evaluate, and coach worship leaders/volunteers to begin to move over the hurdles and stuck-points you may be experiencing in your worship ministry.  Coaching can happen through one-on-one conversations, group sessions, or a 1-3 Day Workshop (in-person).  If you’re interested in growing as a worship leader, contact me.

Why do you do coaching?

One of my greatest passions is using my 15 years of experience leading worship in churches all over the country, as well as being on staff at a church that went from 20 to almost 3,000 people to build up other leaders.  Simply put, I am deeply passionate about equipping worship leaders and volunteers to make much of Jesus, by using music and the arts in the church in a way that’s theologically informed, practical, and contextual. 

If Jesus is the purpose of worship ministry (which He is), then faithfulness is utmost in what we strive for.  I love building up leaders that care about faithfulness.  I’ve come alongside dozens of leaders over the years to help them lead worship more effectively, build a plan, and walk in faithfulness in light of their unique gifting.

Feedback from worship leaders:

“For less than the cost of traveling to a single conference, you gave me customized training and personal attention for 6 months…and it was 100 times more practical than any conference I’ve been to.  This has been exactly what I needed.”

“I’ve been to a lot of conferences but your breakout on reaching artists during the Verge conference was the best session at a conference I have experienced.”

How do you coach arts and worship leaders?

Through a combination of video calls, digital assets (like how to run auditions for new musicians at your church, or what art pieces to include when launching a new series), and video reviews, I come along side leaders to give them a way forward. Every coaching experience is different because the needs, giftings, and challenges for every leader are different.  That said, most arts and worship leaders desire to grow in one of these three areas.

1.  How Scripture Informs Arts/Worship Ministry
In this module we’ll focus on stage communication, the scriptural foundation for modern worship, and how to communicate with your senior leader, volunteers, and fellow musicians.  Many leaders want to grow in their stage communication.  This portion focuses on making a great leaders that can command the room and speak concisely with passion.

2.  How to Structure Your Arts/Worship Ministry
In this module we’ll look at artist recruitment, song bank selection, team vs band model dynamics, auditions, liturgies, multi-site considerations, feedback loops, and more.  Artists aren’t known for organization but this is my sweet spot and a little structure goes miles in worship ministry.

3.  How to Pastorally Care for Your Arts/Worship Ministry
In this module we review how to care for a growing worship ministry, how to use the Gospel in counseling volunteers, and how to ensure your own personal spiritual health.  Ministry demands can be rewarding and incredibly taxing.  We’ll build a plan for the future that protects your soul, provides space for deepening your walk with Christ, and alllows you to serve faithfully for a long time.

What does coaching practically look like?

  • The Coaching experience involves 2 – 3 coaching appointments per month. Coaching appointments can happen face to face, via Skype, or on the phone. In coaching, distance is not an obstacle. Coaching is extremely effective via phone or skype.
  • The frequency and duration of coaching are customized to your needs. Most of my coaching relationships go at least 6 months of coaching at a time. Quarterly reviews ensure that your investment is producing results.
  • In the beginning of the coaching process we will set coaching goals unpacking where it is that you want to grow and what it is that you want to accomplish.
  • In every coaching appointment you will have your coach’s undivided attention and you will be coached toward results.
  • At the end of our agreed upon coaching period we will look back and you will see that you have accomplished far more than you would have without a coach.

Who is this coaching meant for?

Coaching is for ministry leaders that want to move ahead and aren’t happy growing stagnant.  I typically work with worship leaders, pastors and volunteers in churches from 20 people to 5,000 (or those who wish to build up these kinds of leaders). 

What’s the cost?

Investing in coaching is an investment in yourself and in your organization.  If you could vastly improve your worship leadership in a way that your fellow leaders, volunteers, and congregation took notice, would you devote time and money towards making that happen? 

Coaching Package A:
(10% discount for Acts 29 and SOMA leaders now available)

In this format, we’ll spend one-on-one time twice a month working together to determine the most important goals and areas of growth for the season ahead of you.  Through a combination of phone conversations, videos you provide of your on-stage leadership, and strategic planning we will assess and plan the way forward for your context and particular skill-set.

  • 6 months of unlimited coaching.
  • 2 scheduled appointments per month.
  • Unlimited email support.
  • On-call coaching support. Call backs within 24 hours.
  • Up to 2 video reviews per month with action steps for improvement.

Email me for specific pricing.

Coaching Package B: 
(10% discount for Acts 29 and SOMA leaders now available)

In the group format we will have a monthly one-on-one phone call and a monthly sync with a group of 3 – 4 worship leaders from around the country. This format affords less individual attention, but is a great environment for peer-learning and trying best practices from others in the trenches of ministry. 

  • 3 months of coaching.
  • 1-2 scheduled appointments per month.
  • Limited email support.
  • Limited on-call coaching support.
  • 1 video review with action steps for improvement.

Email me for specific pricing.

1-3 Day Workshop: $2000 / day + travel

Based on the needs specific to your ministry, I’ll build a customized plan to address areas of needed growth and run a series of break-out sessions with your leaders and volunteers.  Everyone who attends will leave with clear goals and action items to implement and give attention to.

Improve Your Sundays

If you’d like help improving the quality of your Sundays, raising up better worship leaders, or building out your worship ministry, then coaching is right for you.  Apply here.




Leader Feedback



“Donald has always been on my list of people who I very much want speaking into my life and worship ministry.  He’s been an incredibly insightful voice with strategies and structures that encourage team helath and maturity.”

Joel Limpic – Park Church – Denver, CO



“Donald has been a unifying leader among worship leaders in the Acts 29 Network for years now. He possesses the rare gifts of an artist’s eye, a musician’s ear, a creative mind, and a pastor’s heart.  the church and her leaders have benefited greatly…I know I have.
Matt Stevens – Vintage Church – Raleigh, NC




“This past August on sabbatical one of my goals during my time off was to seek counsel in life, marriage, and ministry.  I spent time with Pastor Donald Zimmerman, it was a great help in processing my heart, asking tough questions, and pointing me back to Jesus.  I left feeling challenged yet refreshed in the Lord. So grateful for my time with Donald!

Sean Hutchinson – Resolved Church – San Diego, CA


“In watching Donald in the studio environment, I watched him coach while creating. He balanced his team’s drive for creativity while considering what would best connect with their people.  His coaching never feels forced but comes as it should: a disciple of Jesus bringing along other disciples.”

Kyle Lent – Austin Stone – Austin, TX


“Donald helps worship leaders find their voice and discover their value as leaders.  His guidance still inspires me years later to lead others clearly and creatively.”

Scott Gayer – Journey the Way – Wichita, KS




“Donald is a leader who successfully teaches the importance of both heart and talent when it comes to leading worship. He is one of the rare artists that not only functions but thrives in leading an organized and structured ministry.”

Evan Butler – Living Stones Churches – Sparks, NV