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Can you be musical and not care for musicals?

Gotta be honest. Not a big fan of all the musicals that are around these days. Movies and tv shows can’t seem to get enough. I am not writing off the whole genre, it’s just not my first pick. Breaking out into song just doesn’t happen for the average fella.

That said, I think it’s interesting and a tad odd that we are commanded to sing and praise in scripture. Why are we commanded to sing and praise? What good is singing? A couple thoughts…

We forget that we are not designed to be satisfied by things but a person. Not just any person but a very specific person. Not a broken version of a perfect person, but the real deal. Think of all the love songs you know, and now think about who they are written to. Love is painful because we ourselves are broken and those we love are broken. Our souls need perfection which something a latte or boyfriend can not provide. So it makes sense that regular contact with that perfect person is wanted, needed, and disastrous when seperated. That is a big part of what worship is.

Worship is actually pretty natural. We were certainly made to do so, like a broom to sweep or a candle to illuminate. Hardwired for it. People worship all the time. Sports teams, the opposite sex, the same sex, their hobbies, their comfort, themselves. Until you start talking the worship form of music. Then things get awkward.

Still, I think singing is good for us. I think there is power in verbalizing the truths the week has worn down. Our lives can leave a dull remnant of what brightness and light we find in God when we make time for Him. An appointment at church every week should by no means be our exclusive and only time with Him, but it’s a tasty treat in the regular meal of the week.

Sometimes that appointment looks like singing.

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