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Unchurched Ministry

I led worship this morning for Paradox, the high school ministry of Grace Church. Not something I do often, but circumstances allowed for me to fill in. They meet off-site from the church, up the street, next to a Domino’s pizza.

I should have taken a picture to show you what I saw as I was leaving.

As I got in my car (maybe 30 feet from inside the ministry room), I saw a car parked next to mine. It had 2 decorations on the back of the vehicle.

1. Darwin fish.

2. Bumper sticker reading “Dear God, please save me from your followers.”

That sums up Reno.  That car represents not just a sizable group here but truly the majority.  Those in the south have a different set of challenges to be sure, but doing ministry in a place where adults haven’t even heard of Jonah and the whale is an exciting and difficult place to be in ministry.

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