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How To Attract and Engage Artists

I’ve had a few conversations recently about how the Living Stones community has attracted artists to contribute to the community. A few thoughts:

1. Start small. Pick a weekend in advance where an art piece would contribute to the sermon. If that works well, think through other options and bigger projects.

2. Intentionally create opportunities that communicate the Gospel and reveal the opportunity fro artists to the community.

3. Posting a public sermon schedule goes a long ways towards helping the art team execute. The goal is always communication of the gospel, not just an art show. That said, sometimes the creative elements will be more subtle and others more obvious as to how they tie into the message.

4. Artists recruit artists.

1. Determine who the team leader answers to on staff. Make sure the staff person’s management style matches the team leader’s work ethic. Some people need more direct management than others.

2. Be as specific as you can be about what you want, and what will actually serve the community.

3. Address character issues and beware general artist-type tendencies. Overly emotional, non-linear, inconsistent, flaky, etc…

4. Reward faithful volunteers with public recognition. We’re not talking giving glory of man here, just reinforcing their service to the community.

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