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Legalism and License

We talk a lot about balance in the Christian faith, and it is a gut-wrenching exercise to try and live out that balance in each area of life.

Not because there are so many “rules” as is often thought, but because God has given so much freedom.

In that freedom, many will choose legalism; closing the door completely on themselves AND on others and forming regulations that the scriptures do not inform. Others will chase license; throwing the door open and disregarding other texts in their drive to be free, ironically enslaving themselves to addictions and being mastered by small things.

It seems that the abuses of legalism and license are all around us.

Because food can involve gluttony, do we abandon it all together?
Because sleep can involve laziness, do we starve ourselves of rest?
Because money can involve greed…
Because sex can involve lust….
Because alcohol can involve drunkenness…
Because music can involve idolatry…

The obvious (hopefully) answer is no. Making a list of “don’t do’s” is much easier than finding the biblical position on many of these issues, but there are balanced positions.  Regardless of what you think of the man, this song is on point:

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Wendy Ferrell
May 24, 2009 at 5:38 pm

Well said. I really enjoy reading your blog!

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