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Genesis: Origins

Last night we started the new Genesis teaching series at Living Stones.

It got me thinking about the origin of sin and why people rebel against their Maker. The Maker that we are made in the image of.

We are made in His likeness.

We are made with similarities to Him.

The differences between us and God seems more obvious to me than the similarities. But that probably comes from a long history of false beliefs about God and man. Especially, the notion that God is an angry blob in the sky, or even a happy blob, but not a person.

So back to the topic of sin. I started to ponder how the sins of humanity are often shattered reflections of something true and good revealed in the character of God.

We get jealous, because of insecurity and infidelity. We want focus, affection, and attention to be on us.
God is a jealous God, because He is completely satisfied and secure in Himself, and desires his lovers to be faithful to Him, the only thing that can satisfy them.

We lust and get envious because we want what we do not own.
God owns everything. God never has to desire anything else because every atom rests secure in his bank account.

We get angry because we have been wronged or perceive injustice.
God gets angry because He IS justice.

We get addicted to empty and hollow things.
God is “addicted” to His own fame, which is appropriate because He is the most beautiful and powerful thing in the universe. He sees empty and hollow substitutes for exactly what they are.

We try desperately hard to do things our own way.
God lovingly calls His image-bearers to live things His way…the way of life and hope.

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