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It often occurs to me that we are a people of lists and check-boxes. Day planners, calendars, and cell phones. I won’t belabor the point but we spend an asinine amount of time on productivity. That thinking creeps into our Kingdom identity as well. I see it and hear it constantly, in others and in my own chest.

It goes something like this: If i do good things, my boss likes me. If I do bad things, my boss is upset. God is the boss, so…

The problem is that while we know that this is contrary to God’s economy, we hardly ever reinforce that truth in our lives. It’s hard to know that our value is in “being” a child of God, when we are constantly “doing” things to please Him. They don’t reconcile.

I recently heard someone say that the reason we have a Sabbath is because we spend 6 days a week “doing”. That one day a week is to just “be”; to focus on “being”. It’s a chance to reinforce the truth that we are loved by God because of who we are in His Son. Jesus is the reason we have hope. Jesus is the reason we have God.

Keeping the rules for the sake of rules has been more destructive to human souls than disease, natural disasters, or historical atrocities.

Many of us don’t give ourselves permission to rest. If God has, why can’t we?

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April 9, 2008 at 10:15 pm

What do you do on your sabbath?

Donald Zimmerman
April 10, 2008 at 12:16 am

For me, it’s important to spend time with my wife. I try to read things I want to read, instead of things I need to read.

I try to not schedule tasks but instead time for “nothing”.

Then, during my “nothing”, I try to do things (fishing, yard-work, or disc golf for a few examples) that I like to do, as opposed to things that need to get done.

Finding things that recharge you mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually are key.

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