August 13, 2008 - No Comments!


We are officially done with drums. The foundation is laid and now it is time for the bass. I am very excited for this because my brain naturally works with melodies, and not rhythm structures.

On the way to lunch I also almost got run off the road. Not fun. Went with Tank to “Brazil Cafe”, a pretentious but delicious lunch spot in the Hyde park district of downtown Houston. Very fun.

It’s official: the final song for the record will be “King and a Friend”, a song that I co-wrote with Robbie Seay and am very excited for. We have hatched some ideas for it that make my heart beat quite rapidly. Perhaps when you hear it, the same will occur in your chest.

Going to the Houston Astro’s game tonight. And by going to the game, I mean going in the back entrance and hanging out in the clubhouse.  Grateful for Robbie’s leadership and friendship in this project.

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