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So a family from Robbie Seay’s church has adopted several kids and have 9 kids all together.


Robbie and his band played a benefit concert for this family and then somehow got noticed by someone with the hook-ups in Major League Baseball. Robbie and this family’s father were given 20 Houston Astros tickets and Robbie invited his band, some inner-city kids, and me to come along. We hung out in the clubhouse, and got to meet all your favorite players (i say “YOUR favorite players” because I do not watch baseball on TV. Attending a game is awesome however.)

Anyway, Lance Berkman and Chris Sampson are really nice guys.

Below is a picture of the crew from last night. From left to right in the back you have, Manuel, me, Robbie, Larry and Jon (a couple Ecclesia guys), Taylor the guitar phenom, Ryan the bass player with his Raybans hanging off his v-neck, and Chris Seay the teaching pastor at Ecclesia. In the front row you have all the kids that came along, some of them are children of the adults and others are just kids from church.

It’s safe to say that this group of people will probably never be at the same place at the same time ever again in this life. Good times though, and very good game from the Astros.

The highlight of the evening for me was the foot-long hot dog I consumed during the 3rd inning. It was amazing. I do however, believe it cost $27. Ballparks and airports are bad places to stretch the already weak American dollar into a meal.

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