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Traitor Joe

Art made by Christians (music, print, digital etc…) reminds me of Trader Joes. Let me explain.

Trader Joe’s essentially sells products that are healthier versions of things we all know and love. This morning I had “Trader O’s”, a somehow more natural version of Cheerios. They don’t taste that great. It’s not that they’re bad, they just aren’t as good as the original.

I think art in Christian circles is a lot like that. It’s supposed to be better for you, but often, it doesn’t taste, look or sound as good.

I know about a dozen causal reasons, but the observation still stands.

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March 23, 2008 at 8:07 am

I agree that Christian art is better for us (and sometimes, sweeter too). The somewhat rhetorical question is, shouldn’t Christian art be good for Bob in the cubicle next to me who doesn’t believe in Jesus, as well as for Christians? We ought to be able to find ways to make our art missional as well as worshipful. Perhaps the act of making quality art is same as making it missional. Then, people like the guy in my singing class who has a colorfully negative opinion of Christian music might be swayed. And after people appreciate art by Christians, then we can talk about how that art relates to Jesus? Not to puff you up or anything, but I can easily see most of the Anchordown songs catching on in the mainstream, especially your newest ones.

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