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Genesis Observations

It’s weird to think that I have been rather excited for the past few months for the new ESV study Bible to come out. Not because it’s weird to be excited about God’s word, but weird because not too long ago (10 years), that concept was completely foreign to me.

And so, I have the new ESV and am very excited about it. To channel my excitement into something useful, I am going to make some brief observations on the book of Genesis.


Gen 1:
Always been fascinated by the idea of “night and day” counting as one day, and not “day and night”.

Gen 2:
Interesting that Adam is assigned the naming of animals before Eve is introduced. This could be so that the first marital argument would be delayed to a later date.

Gen 3:
God says “don’t eat this fruit or you’ll die”.
Woman says “we can’t touch this fruit”. (not what God said)
Satan says “you will not die” (a lie) but he ALSO says something true…”you will know good and evil”. He loves to mix truth and lies…
Woman saw practical and positive things about the fruit and decided to pursue that instead of obey God’s voice.

Gen 4:
9 generations in, we see the first Biblical example of music (with instruments I might add).

Gen 5:
235 years in, people begin to “call upon the name of the Lord”. “Worship” occurs hundreds of years before music is mentioned.

Gen 6:
v3:Then the LORD said, “My Spirit shall not abide in man forever, for he is flesh: his days shall be 120 years.”
What in the world?

Gen 7:
Why aren’t the animals in the water killed too?

Gen 8:
Kind of humorous that some of the animals survive the flood in an ark just long enough to then walk off the ark and be sacrificed. Bummer for them.

Gen 9:
Lex talionis applied to animals. Wow.

Gen 10:
Language begins, but soon with disastrous results. Unity in of itself is not a Godly virtue. The question, “to what are we unified?” is key. People can be unified in their rebellion against God…

Gen 11:
v4 Why would they build a tower AND a city? If the plan carried out, they thought they’d have access to heaven…That to me is like buying a plain ticket to Hawaii but booking a hotel in Elko. Maybe to protect the tower?

Gen 12:
v1 From the very beginning of Abrams promise, it is clear that he will have to leave what is familiar; “leave your country”, “leave your father’s house”.

v19 Would love to know how Pharaoh figured out the plagues meant wife and not sister.

Gen 13:
v17 Would you be tempted to walk a little further than you were told?

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SOAP Ministries
October 29, 2008 at 1:49 am

Yeah man.
I just picked up my new ESV as well. It’s pretty epic. The articles in the back are solid too.

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