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Reform to Conform

The word “conform” has some serious baggage. People immediately associate conforming with a weakness of mind and character. The strong will be unique (even if that means they are the same kind of unique as everyone else).

I had a thought during the sermon this week at Living Stones, that is obvious but never quite hit me like it did that night.

God wants us to conform to His son for many reasons, including:

1. Jesus was and is perfect. Perfect is good. Really good.

2. The more our lives look like Jesus, the more we accomplish our purpose in life, to glorify God. What does that mean you ask? Well, live like Jesus and you are glorifying God. Circular I know, but no less true.

3. When we are conformed to the pattern Jesus set, we are healthiest spiritually. This is true for us as individuals, and corporately. We are best meeting others needs when we conform to Jesus.

I would also point out that being like Jesus is the most unique thing you CAN be in this fallen world.

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