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Music < Truth

Music and our emotions are strongly tied together.

Why has God linked auditory sensory with our emotive response? Emotion rooted in truth can be life-changing. Memories are heightened, decisions are sured. And yet, the danger is always lurking that the object of our worship will lose out to the means. We love the experience of a worship set instead of enjoying Jesus.  We take pictures of our kids instead of actually playing with them.  We broadcast what we had for dinner but forget to savor the food itself.

To put it another way; we frequently fall into worshiping worship itself, instead of Jesus.

Our emotions are a part of us, like our logic, our reasoning or our conscience.  And all of these pieces of us are affected by the fall of humanity.  Yet, these things are what we use to interpret the world around us.  Emotion can reflect the perfectly emotional God we were made in the image of (delighting in justice, feeling sorrow over sin), or…we can feel that God is far away.  God can never actually be far away.  He is omnipresent.  But our feelings betray us.

This is why we need something unchanging to anchor us.  I believe that to be God’s word.

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