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A Prayer for the 7 Deadly Sins

We recognize that you see us, and give grace freely.
We recognize that we need you today and everyday.
We recognize that you, Christ, are our remedy and only hope for healing.

For those of us with greed,
Help us receive your love that is always generous
Be changed by your giving heart
And shaped to share like you do, freely and without reservation.

For those of us with envy,
Help us to see our own blessings
To celebrate the wins of others
Because you are not limited or bound in your love
That we would be content with our portion.

For those of us with wrath,
Help us express righteous and assertive anger
But abandon our fears and hurts that lead us to play god
That we would extend the mercy you’ve given 70 x 7 times.

For those of us with lust,
Help us be healed in our eyes and minds
Restore in us the picture of your creation in our brothers and sisters.
Shape in us the integrity you have, unchanging in circumstance or regardless of who’s watching.

For those of us with gluttony,
Help us seek the gifts you’ve given as a means
Of having more of you, never replacing you
Never giving us counterfeit comfort
Help us walk in the Spirit, that we would be controlled by Him and led by Him.

For those with laziness,
Move in our hearts to have the courage and passion to act
Help us feel the worth of our souls and lives
And let your patience with us move us toward steps of obedience and joy.

For those with pride,
Give us your perspective of our value and worth
Broken, but beloved. Needy but an image bearer.
Let us be "right-sized" in our own eyes,
and enjoy your praise more than our own.

For all these, you are the mercy we need, the grace we don’t deserve, and the hope we must cling to. Thank you for your kindness toward us.