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He Is Patient

Our God is patient.

I was at a birthday party tonight, and after a conversation with an old friend about how we were both faring in this tumultuous life, something dawned on me. It may be inspirational to me today and passé tomorrow…but here goes:

I found myself thinking about the nature of God, and His patience with us.

He doesn’t seem bothered or put out at all by the constant reminders we require to live a life of faith. What I mean is this: Many time in my life I have asked God to do something “God-sized”. Something showy. Something inexplicable. He has often humored me in answering such piddly requests.

That alone is ridiculous. The word ‘ridiculous’ is far insufficient but will have to suffice for now.

He repeatedly entertains those requests (not always) and seems to never anger or become fed-up or exhausted or tiresome of some solitary and often misguided child living in the high desert of Nevada asking him for a sign or begging Him for an answer.

Perhaps it is because only imperfect reflections of what God’s patience looks like can be found in humanity…whatever the reason, there is nothing like it.

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