August 14, 2008 - No Comments!


We are knee deep in bass-y waters, and the temperature is hot.

Okay that may be the lamest thing I have ever said, but I’ve been locked up in the studio all week and the stir-crazies are coming.

We have tracked bass parts for 3 songs, and are working on the last one for the day, “Get You There”. I have always had a special affection for this song because of its back-story, but this bass line is a monster. I don’t even want to put a leash on it. It’s got a great groove and is coming out bigger than I expected.

Tomorrow we will track bass parts for “After the Fade” and “King and a Friend”, which will both require a different bass approach, including some studio magic. It’s not witchcraft, I promise.

I miss my wife in Reno…other than that things here are awesome. Prayers for my throat’s acting up. So that’s it.

More to come…

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