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I would like to say in closing of today that Ecclesia is unlike any other church I have been.

A brief summary of the day’s events:

1. Ryan, our recording engineer also does professional photography and recently did a photo-documentary series in Nicaragua. It’s amazing and on display in the sanctuary that doubles as an art gallery during the week. Today an elderly, well-dressed family wandered into the gallery as I was making a run from the studio downstairs to the coffee-shop.

After a brief conversation, I learned that this family was displaced and exiled from Nicaragua and recognized the photos because it was their home region. They were looking at photos of home. The home where their own crops were burned down. Ryan got to meet them in what I would call “a very cool moment”.

2. Everyone I meet is an artist. Not like the “I watercolor on the side” kind of artist. More like, published writer, renowned photojournalist, recording phenom kind of artist.

3. The church hosts an evening of poetry weekly and tonight’s performance included a emotive piece about suicide and the “cold steel of the blade in my lungs”. The next act covered the biology of sexual relationships. Wow.

4. Robbie locked himself out of his office but the situation was alleviated by a 20 year old girl who was mid-Bible study and saw Robbie’s plight. She proceeded to show him how to bypass the lock and opened his office.

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