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Creativity: A Lost Treasure of the Church

Four years ago I made a video to request some of our church attenders to switch services. It is seen below.

The first copycat I ever was sent was the video below. The notes indicate that they admit they stole the idea.

Then they started popping up all over, mostly for men's retreats. I don't particularly care, as I didn't contract Gerard Butler to make the first one, but I can't help but feel that part of what is wrong with creativity in the church can be summarized below. (this is a SMALL sampling)

At our church, this kind of thing happens a lot. We recently received a request from a church on the east coast to purchase some of our artwork (both physical and digital) from the last teaching series. We're sending them the full graphics package for free.  Having the integrity to ask instead of just stealing is admirable.  I wish Christians weren't known for this sort of thing. I wish Christian bookstores weren't chock full of rip-off goods that tell people we should just copy culture and add a cheesy tagline. I know we can do better.  I've seen it with my own eyes.

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