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Worship Resources Pt 3: Feedback Loops

Feedback Form for Bands/Teams/Leaders

Anyone who has read a leadership book published in the last 50 years knows that feedback loops are essential.  The people you lead need to know what the "win" is.  If you don't define what the "win" is, you can't measure it.

Sadly, most churches only have a vague collection of ideas for what a "win" is on Sunday.  Very few have spelled it out in a way that can be assessed and measured.  We're quick to spiritualize this, and while I agree that no man can know the full extent of what God is doing in the room, there are certainly things we can watch for and assess for growing in our efficacy, leadership, and faithfulness.

Sometimes a worship leader is a little off, and you don't know how to nail down what it is.  Maybe you are the worship leader and you want to get honest feedback from your peers or your lead pastor. 

Asking questions like, "How can I lead better on Sundays?" or "Is there anything I do on stage you wish I would stop doing?" are great discussion starters.  Now, I only recommend these conversations if you actually believe that Jesus loves you, has saved you, and won't let go of know like the songs you sing?  Otherwise any critical feedback will likely send you into a shame spiral.

A good feedback loop that includes critique and praise can be life giving and a way to avoid plateauing in your leadership.

Our "Feedback" document includes forms for band/team leaders as well as the band/team as a whole and is available for free here.

If the feedback document is helpful to you, comment below. 

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