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Worship Resources Pt 4: Developing A New Band




Band Development Process

Many people have asked me what it looks like to "build a band".

I should preface that at Living Stones Churches, we use the band model at some of our locations, and the team model at others.  Neither is "better" but they both have pros and cons.

When we build a band, we're looking for someone theologically grounded, musically gifted, and spiritually submited to lead it.  I detail that a bit in this piece for the Resurgence.  But building a band is more than just raising up (or finding) a great band leader.  That's why we have a development process.

The process addresses the logistical needs of an efficient practice, establishes their song catalog to ensure theological depth, thematic diversity, and congregational familiarity. 

Download our "Band Development Process" for free here.

If you use part or all this, be sure to comment below with your thoughts.

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