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Is God A Dictator?

A few thoughts on what God has been showing me recently.

Knowing Christ means walking His path.

Some days, the length of this path is daunting. On other days, the narrowness is ever present, with the scorching heat of either side grazing your face. Yet Christ is both here and off in the distance, walking along side and up ahead. He is our treasure now and the goal around the bend.

Sin's plan is always to alienate and jeopardize the things that you actually desire in your life.

His burden is light, but not always comfortable. He is our sole hope in each breath, and the only reason worth enduring the discomfort of His kingdom colliding with what wars inside us.

The optimist who finds their hope in frayed safety nets is just as endangered as the pessimist who insists that there is no rescue available.

Believing that God is powerful enough to do something about your condition is insufficient. Without also seeing His goodness for what it is, you will see Him as a jail warden, passively patrolling your life at best, and a vicious dictator who abandons you in times of despair at worst.

He's not a warden.  He's a perfect king.  A perfect Dad.  A perfect judge.  A perfect friend.

I want the hope of Christ to grip me more tightly. Hopeful and discouraged people are both contagious.

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